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PHP Encoding No More


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Hey guys

I just though that I would bring the offer to this side of the world!

If you want anything (Ioncube, Zend, SourceGuardian, phpSHIELD, ByteRun, CodeLock, TrueBug, Nu-Coder, PHPCipher, PHPShadow, SourceCop, Zorex, etc, etc) decoded then send me a PM and we will discuss what is what!

I garuntee the quality of my decoding work :)

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:think: Will be in-contact, if needed. Are U a Coder, or just U,r Pastime?

We are from same part of the World and I got a Friend that does the same, but never know, I might need U,r help down the pipeline :towel:

Thanx anyways :evil: :)

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P.s. Theirs a free way too, if U know some Cool sights like this one :lol:

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Indeed, not too often to see a fellow South African :)

Cryptographer by trade

The decoding is also like no existing solution or any free solution you might find. Coded from scratch with passion!

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