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[Giveaway] 1 Year FREE 100 GB SurDoc Cloud Storage


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Get 100 GB of storage in the cloud-SurDoc for 1 year. Anyone can register and use the offer for free


Service SurDoc is the leader in providing secure cloud storage for your files and documents.

SurDoc technology is based on the new standard, UOML documents developed by company founder Alex Uèngom (Alex Wang).

To get 100 GB of cloud storage volume at 1 year, follow these 2 steps:


  • You get 100 GB of cloud storage free for 1 year.

Suggestion & Note: You can expand your size to 1 TB by inviting friends. After 1 year you have to pay for future storage[only if you need to continue with SurDoc]. Otherwise you can move your data from SurDoc to other storage provider/any other offer that suits you. Or else use other provider after the 1 year period and when SurDoc gives another giveaway, move your data to it. For moving data there are more free tools online, just use it to move from one storage to another.

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After one year your fucked! Your files will be deleted! :)

SurDoc will give notification email/sms related to expiry of the subscription. So when its going to end, users can go for the suggested options i've mentioned in the start post.

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meme21.gif FTW

You might wanna remove that email ID from that pic. ;)

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