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Help on Finding Suitable Web Browsers [Windows] [English]


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I'm in search of Best Desktop Web Browsers for Windows with English Language Support. This will be HELPFUL for most Internet Users Worlwide. And Also make Developers think to Create a New One.

Here are the list of Engines/combinations which the browser must be using in its Current and Upcoming releases.

  1. Trident shells
  2. Gecko-based
  3. Gecko- and Trident-based

Notes & Limitations:

  • The Browser must NOT be using the following engines/combinations:
  1. Webkit- and Trident-based
  2. Gecko-, Trident- and WebKit-based
  3. KHTML-based
  4. Presto-based
  5. WebKit-based
  • Must have English Language in Install Languages
  • Must support Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
  • Must be competitive or better compared to Other Browsers in Quality, Best in Privacy, Best in Security, Features & Usability
  • Must be Trusted for Future Services/Releases, i.e. Not Discontinued/may not be Closed Down Sooner or Later.
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