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What's your average monthly cell phone data usage?


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Annnnnd go!

Basically, I am trying to choose between $50/month with ATT and ~2-4 gb of data (shared family plan with a total of 6gb, but it would with my parents and they would use probably a combined total of 2 gb on a busy month) or $60/month with Sprint and unlimited data. ATT claims to have LTE in my area (Broward County, Florida, zip code 33441) where as Sprint does not. Both have the S4 and I'm not worried about the $50 difference in price between the two carriers.

I could google average monthly data usage. But that would be the general population. I need to know what power users like us use! I can't look back at my prior usage because I've had a POS barely working iPhone the last two years, so I have no data to look back on.

I'm not trying to get into a Sprint vs ATT debate in regards to call quality. Just want to focus on data!

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i usally cap out 2gb, every month mostly spotify, 3-g is to slow around here to load vids, usally use puffin browser to get those pages to load, its also saves on data too

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A :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: Load :lol: :lol: :lol:

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