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Well I ran a scan on the StyleXP Keygen and 3 antivirus programs came back with results...

AntiVir Packer/PESpin

ArcaVir W32.Generic

Fortinet Misc/Xpstyle

Well I tryed to do a search on these didnt find much info.... I dunno I trust nsane with its files but this is abit strange anyone know anything about this?

Could this just be the way it was packed of somthing ;) One of these has a tendency to over exagerate some results..

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False postives....

Arcavir via heuristics (overly sensensitive), Anti-vir has no unpacker for "pespin" so chooses to detect it as malware, forinet is mainly for networks etc, so admins won't want tools like this, so its detected for that reason.

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