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[GOTD] System Speed Booster


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Giveaway of the Day - System Speed Booster 3.0


May 24, 2013

Let’s find out: How outdated are you?
  • Paying a large amount of money for Windows upgrades
  • Enduring the slow speeds, the frequent crashes, the sudden errors of your PC
  • Have no clue of how to remove all of the troubles
  • Still have no idea of how to explore the deep potential of computer.


If so, System Speed Booster is just what you need to take you up to date.

It charges nothing to allow you enjoy the no error system, faster speed, clean and safe network. A couple of clicks, you will make your computer as perfect as new with System Speed Booster in no time.

Giveaway page

Official program homepage

GOTD 24h wrapper gone, may be installed on any given time!

After reading all the comments about this software on GOTD page, I really hesitated a bit to put this in here..

But some of you may find it useful,eventho there's a lot probably better freeware alternatives.

System.Speed.Booster.v3.0.2.2-GOTD.zip (4 MB)

Download: (multiple locations)

Site: http://rghost.net/
Sharecode: 46226023 [?]

Site: http://www.gamefront.com/
Sharecode: files/23340589/System.Speed.Booster.v3.0.2.2-GOTD.zip [?]

Site: http://www.queenshare.com/
Sharecode: 0j7xpj58fk0o/System.Speed.Booster.v3.0.2.2-GOTD.zip.html [?]

Site: http://bayfiles.net/
Sharecode: file/Qffl/Wf5eFQ/System.Speed.Booster.v3.0.2.2-GOTD.zip [?]

Site: http://bayfiles.net/
Sharecode: file/Qffl/Wf5eFQ/System.Speed.Booster.v3.0.2.2-GOTD.zip [?]

virustotal.com report: click click

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Gave me a couple of :wut: , but thanx, all god

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