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[Giveaway] Genie Timeline Professional 2012 3.0


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Genie Timeline Professional 2012 3.0

May 23, 2013


Genie Timeline 2012 Professional Edition is a backup/restore tool with a stunning new metro style interface. Continuous update releases are available for the life time of the product to provide complete, seamless and reliable backups and restores. The new edition is faster, richer in features and easier to use. Timeline can backup a wide selection of data types twice as fast as the first edition and does not get in your way. Genie Timeline is lightweight and effortless. With a 3-step setup wizard, Timeline is ready to work on its own without any user intervention. Install, configure to your preference, and you have done! It seamlessly backs up your data in the background working as a parallel universe with computing history where deleted & backed up files can be retrieved easily by a click of a button.

System Requirement: Windows OS

Glarysoft Giveaway page

Official software homepage

Glarysoft 24h wrapper removed, may be installed on any given time.

Check readme.txt for instructions!

Included in the package is Visual C++ 2010 runtime files setup, which is required by this software.

Download: (multiple locations)

Genie Timeline Professional 2012 3.0-GlarysoftGiveaway.zip (17.48 MB)

Site: http://rghost.net/
Sharecode: 46200478 [?]

Site: http://depositfiles.com/
Sharecode: files/jxew4zerq [?]

Site: http://www.load.to/
Sharecode: kVAoNHwbka/Genie_Timeline_Professional_2012_3.0-GlarysoftGiveaway.zip [?]

Site: http://www.putlocker.com/
Sharecode: file/E1D3F969BF90815B [?]

Site: http://www.multiupload.nl/
Sharecode: N1XN8WIDE0 [?]

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This is for file backup, not for system, you can keep more versions of a file, it's kinda slow, but it doesn't consume too much resources, and it has turbo mode, but even with it active, it's not that fast, anyway, it's good to have it :P

Thanx for sharing!

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Thanks. Where does it backup to? Main drive, external or cloud?

Main drive and external from what I understood.

Q) Can I control how much space Genie Timeline uses for the backup?

A) Users can set how much space Genie Timeline uses of the backup drive from the Advanced Settings page.
Q) Are there any special requirements for the backup drive?
A) No special requirements; however, Genie Timeline recommends an external or network drive with
plenty of free space.
Q) What happens when my drive becomes full?
A) If the free space becomes low, Genie Timeline will intelligently delete older versions of files taken nto backup to free space.
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Thanx, but Iam sticking with Roll-Back Pro. :rolleyes:

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Thanks. I thought it used to be a system timeline type thing like RX. If it's only data then I won't bother trying it.

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I am testing AX´64 Time machine...(blazing fast)..seems to be a good system backup software !

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