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[Solved] AudioZilla v1.1


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Few months ago on GAOTD I downloaded, installed and registered AudioZIlla v1.1

I was sure I saved the serial and install file to my USB drive.

However last week my boot files were corrupted, even a repair install and a backup didn't work so did a reinstall.

This morning I went to check for the folder and not there.

So does someone have the serial and also the extracted setup file from GAOTD?

Please message me.

Thanks in advance


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Thanks for the links.

I remembered now, I missed the GAOTD one and it was BitsDujour one I got.

I now realise what happened, NIS2013 deleted as a scareware from my USB drive.

That's why I lost it.

<edit>I am sure I also go the GAOTD one also. I subscribe to bitsDujour and GAOTD, maybe NIS2013 deleted them both.</edit>

Now I have it back :)

Thanks ShadowX

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