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Microsoft bringing the new Kinect to Windows


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Kinect program manager Scott Evans has stated that Microsoft will be bringing the second generation Kinect to PC, although they aren't ready to share any further information about their plans.


Yesterday, alongside the unveiling of the Xbox One, Microsoft took the wraps off their second generation Kinect sensor, which brings a whole swathe of improvements to the table. The new sensor has a high-definition camera that facilitates much higher accuracy, the sensor can support up to six people simultaneously, voice commands have been improved thanks (in part) to a new microphone, and even heartbeats can be detected using the hardware.

The new generation Kinect will be bundled with all Xbox Ones when the device goes to retail, although at the time nothing was mentioned about when we'll see the peripheral come to Windows. The original Kinect sensor launched in late 2010 before it was officially adapted for use on Windows in 2012, so the same thing will likely occur with this new sensor, albeit in a shorter time frame.

Speaking to Shacknews, Kinect program manger Scott Evans said that Microsoft "will bring this to PC [...] we will have more information soon", refraining from sharing any further details. Unlike with the original Kinect for Windows, Microsoft this time around may have plans to use the second-generation Kinect for PC gaming, although only time will tell.

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