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Xbox One's hard drive can't be removed


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Microsoft has confirmed the 500 GB hard drive inside the upcoming Xbox One can't be removed or replaced by their owners but the USB 3.0 port does allow for extra external hard drive storage.


The hard drive inside Microsoft's newly revealed Xbox One game console includes 500 GB of storage space, which is certainly a lot more than what's currently available for the Xbox 360, but Microsoft has designed the Xbox One so that its hard drive is inaccessible to most of its owners.

According to an Engadget story, Albert Penello, Microsoft's senior director of product planning, confirmed that Xbox One owners will not be able to remove, replace or upgrade the console's hard drive on their own. No specific reason was given for this decision. While the first Xbox console had a non-removable storage drive, both the original Xbox 360 and the current Xbox 360 S had proprietary hard drives that could be quickly removed and replaced by their users.

Good news for heavy gamers and those want to download and store a bunch of movies on the Xbox One, however: Penello confirmed the console's USB 3.0 port will allow external hard drives to be connected and that those drives are allowed to store all of the data types that the internal hard drive supports, including Xbox One game installs and downloads.

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:wtf: should have the option to remove/upgrade the internal hard drive if they want to. No ability to remove the hard drive is a big NO for me.

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