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New Call Of Duty announced for XBox One


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No Modern Warfare 4 here—meet the graphically superior Call of Duty: Ghosts.


Microsoft said it plans on debuting eight new franchises during the first year the Xbox One is on the market. Toward the end of today's console presentation, Activison Publishing CEO Eric Hirhberg came out to reveal one such game—Call of Duty: Ghosts. "Everyone was expecting us to play it safe and bring out Modern Warfare 4," Hirhberg said. "Instead, Ghosts is an entirely new world, new narrative, new cast of characters."

Hirhberg went on to disclose some details of the game. Ghosts was built on an entirely new engine to provide cutting-edge visuals. Stephen Gaghan, director of Syriana, wrote the story. Players take the role of underdogs fighting against superior forces as some mass event cripples the US military. Ghosts focuses on guerrilla fighting and street warfare.

"This will be the most beautiful Call of Duty game we've ever made," Hirhberg said. The title will feature 60 fps and low latency controls in the hopes of creating a "great-feeling game."

The Activision team went on to show a side-by-side video comparing Ghosts to past COD titles. Ars Gaming Editor Kyle Orland's initial take: "Arms in MW3 were beautiful, but new arms convey fine hairs, bruising, cuts, and even dirt beneath fingernails."

The presentation on Ghosts ended with the first-look trailer, which we will embed when available, and a teaser to more information. After all, there's just 19 days, 22 hours, and 29 minutes until E3.

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