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Leap Motion shows off Windows 8 ‘touch free’ computing


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If you haven’t yet had a chance to play with a Leap Motion “touch free” computing device, it’s hard to know what it would be like to control your computer with gestures in the air.

Which is precisely why Leap Motion released this video showcasing its impressive Windows 7 and Windows 8 integration:

With Leap Motion, you can now do everything available in Windows for multitouch functionality — without actually touching anything. The company promises that operating system-level functionality and web browsing capabilities will work out of the box, no software or driver installations required, and will be simple to use.

“We want our users to have a magical experience, with easy and natural movements in the air leading to amazing interactions,” co-founder David Holz said in a statement. “Leap Motion’s mission is to break down the barriers between people and technology.”

The demo shows a user navigating Windows 8′s home screen tiles via in-air gestures, selecting and rearranging tiles, opening a web browser, and surfing sites while zooming sections for a closer look, all without touching a mouse or a touch-sensitive screen. In addition, previewing one of Leap Motion’s intended uses as a controller in the media room or kitchen, the demo shows how simple it is to scroll through Netflix, select a movie, and begin watching. Or to draw a scene in one of the Leap Motion apps, then rotate it in 3D.

The Leap Motion device is tiny, about the size of a pack of gum. It senses both of your hands and all 10 of your fingers with 200 times the sensitivity of the Xbox 360 Kinect. The company recently announced OEM bundling with select computers from ASUS, and an even more interesting deal with HP that will see the hardware melt away into the computer itself, embedding Leap Motion’s functionality into laptops to make them gesture-enabled right out of the box, without any hardware components to plug in.

And there’s more to come:

“We’re looking to embed our tech into watches, and smartphones, and glasses, and everything,” Leap Motion’s COO Andy Miller told me a couple of weeks ago.


( In case you’re wondering, the new device will be released on July 22, but you can already place an order and reserve your own Leap. It costs only $79.99 (€62) and works with both Windows 8 and Windows 7.)

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Good idea to make Windows 8 better for the desktop users... if only it costed around $75 :rofl:

EDIT: Holy Sh** it costs only $79.99 :o

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Heres why i wont be buying one

Theres just not enough fine control, especially on a small laptop screen, when using touch or this gadget, versus a mouse

If you want to be a Windows 8 user and click on a big ugly fricking tile, then yes...but anything more will be an exercise in frustration as it is currently with touchscreens


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i think such technology is cool initially or for games for those who even prefer such game playing functions but i don't think this will be popular

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