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Microsoft releases new Windows 8 themes and wallpapers


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Microsoft has released some new free Windows 8 themes, including one that appeals to the sweet tooth in all of us, along with some new wallpapers for older versions of Windows.

We are just about a week away from the start of the traditional summer vacation time period, and by coincidence Microsoft has released some new Windows 8 themes that appeal to the traveler, along with one that appeals to the sweet tooth.


The Windows Experience blog has links to the new themes, including one from photographer Kyle Waters, Alaskan Landscapes, that has a number of beautiful images showing the vistas of the US's largest state. Ian Rushton, who had a theme released for Windows 8 in April, is back with two more, each showing off additional sites in New Zealand. Yet another new theme, Swedish Spring, completes a seasonal look at that part of the world that's been depicted in previous themes.


In a complete change of pace, artist Karyn Servin has made a theme, Delectable Designs, that has artwork featuring cartoon images of cupcakes, pastries and other sweet items. Microsoft has also released a new batch of wallpapers for older versions of Windows as well as the desktop UI of Windows 8. Finally, the company has made it easier to find panoramic wallpapers (the ones made to stretch across two monitors in Windows 8) by giving them a separate category.

Download them

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