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Rescue lost files from a bad or trashed CD or DVD or a Blu Ray disc (e.g. BD or HD DVD) ! Save important documents, precious pictures or video from the family, your only system backup, IsoBuster can do it all! Combine this all-revealing functionality with far better read and recovery mechanisms, scanning for lost files functionality, workarounds for a wide range of drive and software bugs, limitations or shortcomings and you have an enormously powerful data recovery tool.


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Matthew Brown

Just wanted to add that during the beta versions...I had problems with IsoBuster pretending to be registered until you tried to extract UDF or use the "Show extends" features... even though I did not intercept any DNS requests..redirecting these hosts to a webserver that gives ANY HTTP response... 404, 403, whatever made it stay registered so far including with final


Replace with whatever LAN server has a webserver. Like i said it can be anything, but id make sure it runs on port 80 and 443. Use DD-WRT or Tomato firmware and the dnsmasq option to add those lines so they redirect to an HTTP server, or redirect them to google IP or something. Hosts file gets detected.... and it will deactivate if it doesnt get an HTTP protocol response.

I credit a forum member here for the serialdealers entry, he/she mentioned older builds called home there.

You can continue to access their website via Tor as needed.

Also..make sure to enable DNS intercept on your router if available in case it tries to use its own DNS.

Good luck, im sure the scene will crack this one up fully soon. Its almost a PITA as flashfxp ;/

Also...I notice when it is activated the following registry keys are as so... and are the only ones altered when it bombs out and deactivates itself

Paste into new file and save as a unicode .reg file to use

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Smart Projects\IsoBuster]

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Smart Projects\IsoBuster\Font]

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You are right about the specific "Pro" functions that get disabled after the time bomb triggering. But I don't know where you took all the rest of thing you said from; it's simply not like that. I leave you what I said (in another forum) the 16/12/12, about the use of BRD's kg along with setup versions created after the original one included in their rls:

Regarding Isobuster Pro v3.1+BRD keygen

Thanks for the effort bro, but Peter is a mastermind playing tricks, and he just did it one more time. ph34r.png I know this app. very well, and his old deceptions too, I'd been testing it for some years now.

Talking specifically from this latest version, well, it simply doesn't work at all:


As always, the keys are accepted by the prog. originally, and keep it looking as registered, but that's simply a facade to fool you. Because even when you are able to perform some of the "Pro" features without apparently no further consequences about the blacklisted keys, that's just a temporary situation.

The thing is, each key has a kind of specific triggering information built-in, which eventually will be used by the prog. to blacklist them into the registry; they will be triggered, according to the system's date you execute the prog. (in my test, it was the 11/03/13), and once they are triggered, there are some more than evident aspects to note its blacklisted state:

1- Any of the "Pro" functions couldn't be performed anymore.

2- A "be_gerner(at)web.de" will be introduced into the registry.

3- The "Professional" legend from its about window will be missing.

4- Some reminder about the use of the "free" part from the prog., will show up every now and then.

And no, there aren't any srv. checks around, since Peter never really need them. rolleyes.gif That serialdealers thing, was some sort of agreement he did in the past with that website, about purchasing the prog. with some discount.

So, no real solution so far. cool.png

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