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Difference between Acronis Backup & Recovery Server & Workstation 11.5 and Actronis True Image 2013?


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Does anyone knows which version is better for windows backup snapshoot?

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Better lies in the eyes of the Beholder - I use both as per the specific situation, in hand. In fact, I use many more backup solutions to tailor-fit the occasion.

I'm not sure on what's your idea of better and what's your situation of backup requirement.

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Umm did you try looking on Acronis's site?

If you did, you would have noticed that they tell you....

If you hover under the Home/Home office tab theres TrueImage 2013

Conversely, Backup & recovery is under the Business tab

Are you a business or a home user?

Perhaps next time you can do this yourself :)

Ironically just finished backing up a laptop im fixing with TrueImage 2013,.....

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