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PC Tools Privacy Guardian ! |Giveaways|

Mr Orus

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Keep what you do on your computer and the Internet protected from prying eyes!

Internet and Online Privacy

PC Tools Privacy Guardian works with popular Internet browsers to erase your browsing history, search history, cookies, passwords, and download logs to help keep your Internet activities private. It even works with chat programs, media players, FTP browsers, email clients, and peer-to-peer file transfer programs to protect your other online activities as well.

Everyday Computing Privacy

PC Tools Privacy Guardian also helps maintain your day-to-day computing privacy. Temporary and recent file history erasers clear your temporary file folders, as well as your recently opened files lists, keeping your PC use and file access history private. Other cleaners erase Windows® history, including the ones found in Microsoft® Office, the Recycle Bin, your Recently Run programs, and the Find and Search bar.

Secure File Deletion

PC Tools Privacy Guardian helps ensure that the files you delete stay deleted with secure file shredding. And to further safeguard your Recycle Bin, a disk-bleaching tool wipes your free hard disk space, preventing your deleted files from being restored by file recovery tools.

Download Privacy Guardian


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PC Tools is going to shutdown, who will grab this offer?

Only the "Security portfolio (PC Tools Internet Security, Spyware Doctor and Spyware Doctor with Antivirus)" is going to shut down, not PC Tools as a whole.

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Vatos Locos

this is nice program to have , usedit in the past and liked , might not be so thorrough as other cleaners though....but thanks for the share :)

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I received my registration Key instantly in an email.

I installed it and ran the program. Seems like a Really Nice Program.

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