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The 'Guardian' falls victim to Syrian Electronic Army, 11 Twitter accounts compromised


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After successfully overtaking the primary Associated Press Twitter account—its highest-profile "hack" to date —the Syrian Electronic Army turned its sights on the Guardian over the weekend. The group targeted and temporarily gained access to 11 Guardian-related accounts, all of which were revealed on its website. Many of the accounts (including Guardian Books and Guardian Travel) remain suspended as of today, though others seem to have been successfully recovered.

Guardian staffer James Ball confirms that, much like in the AP attack, the SEA deployed cleverly-disguised phishing emails to carry out its most recent batch of hacks.


As these social engineering exploits persist, Twitter is said to be working on two-factor authentication—a security measure that would go a long way towards preventing these exploits. For now, it seems the best precaution potential targets can take is to be extra wary when dealing with email links.

Source: The Verge

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