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Mirillis Action! Install problem


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When i install this program i get an error saying: ''Failed to initialize product. Please try reinstalling''.

I tried reinstalling it several times i even cleaned my registry for any traces of Mirillis Action!, but somehow this error always appears no matter what i do. Is there any solution for this issue?

P.S. I am using windows 8 64-bit

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Install it in partition with OS.

I did same error. But when i install Mirillis Action! 1.13.3 it works fine.

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You have to remove the blocking firewall session incoming / outgoing program dwm.exe,

because action is somehow blocked, thus creating another problem with the key.


Musisz usunąć blokowanie firewall dla sesji przychodzącej/wychodzącej programu dwm.exe,

ponieważ action to jakoś zablokował, przez co powstaje kolejny problem z kluczem.

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If you don't block DWM.exe in your firewall, the key you use before or after will be blacklisted and can't be used anymore, so that's a bad idea, i can confirm that DWM.exe blocked or not has nothing to do with a bad config (i delete all registry entries before applying newer versions) and both executables are always blocked for me.

Have you used the registry file offered here ? It adds a new config and should work for you too.

Or do this, remove all firewall rules for DWM.exe and Action.exe and then reinstall after cleaning everything.

Also delete the Action folder in this locations




Start Action as demo and then close it, then block DWM.exe and Action.exe in the firewall, start Action and register.

You need to block DWM.exe and Action.exe with no doubt before registering it to avoid blacklisting.

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Yes, but anyway, after blocking DWM.exe Mirillis action blocks access to the program by displaying the information that you gave w / w by topic.


Tak, tylko tak czy siak, po zablokowaniu DWM.exe mirillis action blokuje dostęp do programu poprzez wyświetlenie informacje, którą podał w/w autor tematu.

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