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4K UHD Displays for Tablets Expected Before Year's End


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I doubt anyone can really deny that the Full HD resolution got more than its fair share of encouragement on the tablet market.

Despite it becoming standard on the monitor and TV markets only over the past couple of years, 1920 x 1080 resolution has shown up on portable slates and notebooks a lot as well, even though such small panels hardly need so many pixels, especially when there is an HDMI port available for streaming to HDTVs.

Now, I have learned that the tablet industry may very well leap from Full HD all the way to Ultra HD even quicker.

In fact, 3840 x 2160 pixels tablet panels will supposedly be introduced before the end of 2013. The same goes for notebooks.

Taiwan-based makers will provide the slate screens, while Sharp is making the laptop ones. Panasonic has been tapped as a major client already.

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I thought products were made to satisfy a need, or in some cases a 'want'. But I can't think of anyone who could even want 4k display for any reason other than just bragging rights..

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Actually, tablets need 4K resolutions more than the TVs do. However, overall, still useless and marketing gimmick.

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