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NowSmart Talkin 1.2


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Call recording software

NowSmart Talkin is an easy to use sound recorder software, which is designed for Windows 7 and later
version. The major difference between this product and other on-market sound recorder software is that this
product can record from speaker and microphone at the same time. In other words, NowSmart Talkin can
record online conversation on the computer. See what it can do:

record-chat.pngRecord from voice chat software, like Skype, GTalk, MSN...
You may want to archive online calls, interviews. This call recording software is a good choice. It works
directly with sound card, so there is no software compatibility problem, you do not need to worry about what
voice chat software you are using, and which verison of it you are using. Record Skype Calls? It is easy.

record-computer-sound.pngRecord from other media software
You may have some special media files, but cannot convert it to MP3. Just play it on computer, then record it.

record-online.pngRecord from online web site
These days, there are lots of online media content, like YouTube, Rhapsody, Pandora, Napster... NowSmart
Talkin can record them with no problem.

record-games.pngRecord from games
You can record any special or funny sound within games, then use it as your ringtone. It is cool, isn't it?

record_microphone_icon.pngRecord from Microphone
Automatic gain control, Noise reduction can help you to make better voice recording.

how-to.pngBasics in using NowSmart Talkin
Step 1: Open the NowSmart Talkin.
Step 2: Optional - click "Speakers" or "Microphone" to check out its settings.
Step 3: Click the Add/New Button to choose an audio file, or give a new audio file name. NowSmart Talkin will
record sounds directly into this file.
Step 4: Click the Record Button to begin recording. Start your source program;

Windows 7,8 (XP may not be supported)


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-Wrapper removed
-Activation included
-Read ReadMe for instructions

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