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Happy Birthday Max Planck


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Max Planck, scientist, physicist, quantum pioneer, Nobel-prize winner, was born April 23, 1858!

Some notable facts:

- German physicist, considered the founder of quantum theory, known for the Planck constant, postulate, and law of black-body radiation.
- Helped to popularize Albert Einstein's work on relativity and contributed to the special theory of relativity through own work.
- Discovered the Planck constant, which helps describe the relation between energy and electromagnetic wave frequency, in 1899.
- President of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society (KWG) and professor at Berlin University, taught several students who became well known including Walter Bothe, Moritz Schlick, and Max von Laue.
Awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 1918 (received in 1919) "in recognition of the services he rendered to the advancement of Physics by his discovery of energy quanta".
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