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Google Fiber is coming to Provo, Utah by late 2013


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Following its April announcement that Google Fiber will land in Austin, Texas, Provo officials revealed today that its super-fast Gigabit internet service will arrive next in Provo, Utah by late 2013. The Utah city will become the third to receive Google Fiber, following Austin and Kansas City. Google's new broadband networks will provide customers with "gigabit" internet: a service which offers download and upload speeds of 1,000 Mbps, which Google touts is as much as "100 times faster" than its competitors. Like service in Austin and Kansas City, Google will offer gigabit internet in Provo, Google Fiber TV service, free 5 Mbps internet service with a $30 activation fee and no monthly charge for seven years, and free gigabit service to local public institutions.

As part of the partnership between Google and the city of Provo, Google will purchase iProvo, an existing fiber-optic network owned by the city. Google will upgrade the network to reach gigabit speeds and says it will complete construction of the network so that all homes along the existing network will be able to connect. Because Google is using and upgrading an existing network, the rollout could happen more quickly in Provo than in Austin, and Google says it hopes to activate the service in the first homes by the end of the year. The agreement is not final, but will be voted on by the Provo City Council on April 23rd.

In a blog post discussing the Fiber announcement, Provo Mayor John Curtis writes that "Provo will be one of the first cities in the world to have universal internet connectivity in nearly every home." The city will hold local meetings to inform citizens what the new network means for them, but there's no word yet if Google will use the same "Fiberhoods" rollout strategy that it employs in Austin and Kansas City.

In a blog announcement, Google confirmed the expansion to Provo, noting that the service is "on the silicon prairie, the silicon hills, and now the silicon slopes." Google Fiber General Manager Kevin Lo said on stage in Provo that it will "be one of the first cities in the world where access to broadband will flow like water or electricity." Lo said that "free basic broadband will just be everywhere, and I think that's pretty cool." Echoing previous Fiber announcements, Lo said that "speed matters" — and with the second Google Fiber announcement in one month, it appears that moving quickly into new markers matters, too.

Source: The Verge

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