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Spotify Premium?


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Hello there,

Wonder if any one can share a way to get an "free" Spotify Premium account.

There is a way to get one moth free (without entering credit card details), but it work only in the us.

For the us members here, it go like this:

Send SPOTIFY to 777483, and you will supposed to received a redeem code for 1 month premium account.

( I didn't test it, I read it in a couple of forums and people report that it work for them!)

I used to use their service but my premium account has ended.

I will be more than glad if someone share a way! :)

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Blockify mute the ads: http://tribe.nu/Blockify.html :D It is a bit buggy but it works for me. Silence instead of ads

Yes I know this app, thank you. btw -I read in some places that spotify ban or block some users that use that app. for your notice.

But the ads it's not me problem lol, I just get enough to open a new account every month and to crate a new playlist all the time.

And the most important feature is the ability to use spotify with the smart-phone.

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