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Vice President of the USA Calls For a New World Order


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Author: Ambrocious



Little was talked about in the media when vice President Joe Biden called for a New World Order on the 5th of April 2013 and so here I am reporting it to you. Although mainstream media attempted to cover this news, calling those who believe in a new world order "conspiracy theorists", the truth is becoming evident that a world domination plan is indeed taking place.

Have you been affected by all of the recent things happening in the world? Multiple different file sharing websites have been swiped away under the clause of being protected by copyright when in reality this is all about training the people to have a slave like mentality: never oppose the powers that be. Country after country, you can see wars and other terrible things happening. Every day you hear bad news and wonder "when is this going to end". The world elite don't plan on ending it, at least not peacefully.

In the documentary "ENDGAME: Blueprint For Global Enslavement", it is explained in detail how the world elite came to power many years ago and what their plan is for the future. The point of reporting here on nsanedown forums is to enlighten those who read and know what I say is true. I have been a happy member of nsanedown way back even before it was nsanedown, back then it was nsaneproductions, and one thing I have harped on for quite some time is that the new world order system is real and is being erected. Now it is fully operational.

Now, it is here in our face yet it is hard for many to come to terms with the hard cold truth. This is scary stuff...who wants to even see this information!? The reason I am here now is because people are awake now and we can see the brazen crimes that are happening in high places. The next phase of the world elite includes a world depopulation program which will attempt to kill off 85 percent of all people at least. So I guess the question is, will you stand up for what is right and defy this new world order system or will you comply and allow the deaths of millions of people?

The new world order isn't a new idea, it's an old idea. You can see the former President of the United States George H. W. Bush call for a new world order in his speech which he gave on September 11th 1990.

The plan seems flowery at first but I assure you, the people in charge of this plan actually believe that they are bringing about a new world order for Lucifer, also known as Satan. I'm not telling you what I think; I’m telling you what THEY think. The world elite actually believe that Satan is their master and all of these wars, these dominations, these envisions, it is all for the purpose of setting up global government. You can see in detail all of the information about the plans for a new world order in this Bibliography which is free to view.

It's not just the USA which is calling for a New World Order; in fact it is a lot of other countries calling for it as well. In these videos, you will see world leaders call for a new world order, this makes for little room for those who would call this a conspiracy theory...unless of course you can't believe your own ears and eyes.

Gordon Brown New World Order Speech

Uploaded on May 18, 2007

Gordon Brown New World Order Speech
Britain’s new Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks about the Elite's Plan for a One World Totalitarian Socialist State, the Globalization Agenda for a New World Order.

New EU president confirms New World Order desire (19Nov09)

Uploaded on Nov 19, 2009

As plain as it comes, the newly "elected" cnut that is the EUSSR president confirms the desire for a one world government, a New World Order of worldwide oppression and the spread of worldwide Communism. If it didn't hit you what the EU project is all about, the new EU "president" confirms it for you in this clip.
Recorded from BBC News 24, 19 November 2009.

New Kissinger NWO : New World Order & Obama Worship

Uploaded on Jan 5, 2009

Kissinger says an Obama presidency is a great opportunity to set up a New World Order.

For those of you who know what is happening, I urge you to fight back with the truth. People MUST be informed of this and they MUST know that it is 100% true and not a conspiracy theory. No amount of proof is good enough for those who are damaged by the systems lies. The whole world now waits for the big event which will suddenly send us all into war and chaos.

Learn as much as you can now and cherish the Internet as it stands now because soon it won't be as free or even available for countless millions of people. Once the big event happens (it could be anything) there won't be any more time left to learn and grow in solid knowledge which will help you to survive the coming storm of outright evil. Much like you would prepare for a massive storm, tyranny must too be prepared for because unlike a storm, it is organized and frothing at the mouth.

You must understand, it is about to begin. I wrote an article a while back where I asked people to save as much stuff as they could from the Internet because it really looks like they want to shut it down. Since then we have seen a DDoS attack which literally slowed down the whole Internet on March 28th 2013! Now are you concerned a little bit? As before, I ask you to please preserve as much as you can because soon, it’s not going to be here, not like it is now anyways.

And last but certainly not least, stay strong! Support each other's rights and stand up for each other’s liberties! Know that you will have to one day understand things with clarity so you can be able to make wise choices which will determine your very survival. Care about each other and DO NOT let this world eat your spirit (so to speak).

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This has been in the works for centuries. Personallly, I don't worry about what's going to happen in the "New World Order" but I worry about the thing that makes it what it will be: The Massive Depopulation. We don't know how they will do it, we just know that they "will". For all we know it may be the food that we eat, the water that we drink, our bosses, the shows that we watch, the websites that we see and so on and so on.

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gees guys just because a helicopter flies over your city or the local army depot sends a guy out in jeep to pick up pizza in a jeep...does not mean the army is about to take over the country... go ask a veteran that fought world two what he thinks about the free speech you have now and how you whine about it and how he personally fought for that right and how many of his buddies and friends died for your right to whine... but hurry there are not many of them left

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Now that I'm injured I will not worry about these things.

My fellow justice league and avengers (also known as BIATCH) are there to protect the world from these evil society.

If batman can't make it, it means he is not yet finish attending my garden. Please excuse him.

I'll send him as soon as I see the situation needs him.

My neighbor Iron man already seriously release a statement to that Chinese guy, to try to bring the war in his doorstep.

I think we could see that fight as the movie is about to release soon. hehe!

But seriously,

In my country many times there are countless "groups" who tried to snatch the freedom we have.

And I always see some good people doing heroic things to stop them.

They might not be known and not be thanked but God knows their deeds.

If you are an average man and yet skeptical just stay in the good side.

And for the likes of ambrocious, he (they) might not be known and not be thanked, but good job for trying to warn us and save us.

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a new world order?? YES!

made by bankers & their puppets??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

what will come first? their new vision or the actual collapse of the system we live in?

i'll go with the latter.

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In other news, sales in Reynolds Wrap were up 60% over last years sales...

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well a few here that are truly in need some of that Reynolds wrap.. too bad those in need are the last to know

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