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Firefox 20.0.1 update


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Mozilla is about to release an update for the stable version of the Firefox web browser bringing the version of the program to 20.0.1 after the update. This may or may not come as a surprise for some users of the browser as Firefox 20 has just been released a week ago. Some criticize Mozilla for the lack of quality control and base that judgement on the number of updates the company releases after a new version of Firefox stable is released. Others applaud Mozilla for releasing fixes to issues that users encounter after updates in a short period of time.

Firefox 20.0.1 fixes to issues that some Firefox 20 users are experiencing when they work with the web browser. Reports started to come in shortly after the release of the latest stable version of Firefox that some users were experiencing issues with the browser's address bar. In particular, the address bar would not work at all for those users. While they were able to enter data into it, they could not load the address that they entered this way.


According to an initial analysis of the issue, it affected only enterprise users who are using roaming profiles in a Windows Server environment. Tests confirmed that Firefox worked fine if those users switched to a local user instead. The issue seems to affect a wide variety of combinations including those with or without folder redirection and also UNC stored profiles.

The second bug prevented SPNEGO (Simple and Protected GSSAPI Negotiation Mechanism) from working correctly. Now, most users have probably never heard about that before and it appears that the bug only affects a small number of corporate Firefox users. It is used to negotiate an authentication protocol with a remote server when it is not clear which protocols the server supports.

Firefox 20.0.1 is already available for download at the official Mozilla ftp server. It is also available on various third party download portals, such as Softpedia or Major Geeks where it can be downloaded to the local system. The release is expected to go live today which is when the automatic update feature of the browser should kick in automatically.

Source: ghacks.net

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