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Installing SSD and HDD - Sorry!


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Dear all,

I have a 32GB SSD and 1TB HDD which I have installed as a boot and storage drive.

The problem is that my SSD is slowly increasing in size everytime I install a program even when I direct it to the D:\ drive.

I'm assuming this is the userdata and where they store all the preferences.

Is it as simple as moving the Program Files, Temp and Users folder to D:\ and editting the registry and redirect it to D:\ as well?


Could I reinstall everything, leave the OS on the SSD and change the drive letter to D:/, reinstall my 1TB HDD and mark that as C:?

Many thanks

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32 GB SSD is to small for Windows Vista / 7 / 8 + programs, you need minimum 128 GB SSD.

64 GB SSD is just ok for Windows XP + programs.

32 GB and 64 GB SSD are best used as cache SSD with Intel Smart Response SSD Caching Technology.

Your Intel chipset on your motherboard has to support it like the Intel Z68 or Z77 chipset.

You install Windows and programs on your harddisk of a partition on your harddisk.

The files that are frequently accesed to read are then stored on the SSD so they will open faster then on the harddrive.


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Some apps still require space on the system drive for Application Data, some also use ProgramData, common files, temp files, and registry settings so those would contribute to increased usage on your system drive. I don't think you should reinstall your OS, there is no way around this. I don't think you can move your user folder either.

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Temp directory for one can be changed. Windows directory too, but would be useless to have an SSD if you did that.

One advice I can give, install no applications on the SSD whatsoever. If you want, just install one, softwares that run at startup, and two, regularly used ones (browser, etc).

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Hi !

32GB is rather small, even for XP.

This is because temp folder, userdata, programdata and winSxS grows even if you install programs on another drive.

So the best way to go is to move those folders, at least temp and userdata.

you can find many guides on the internet, like here for win 8 : http://www.overclock.net/t/1240779/seans-windows-8-install-optimization-guide-for-ssds-hdds#post_16929872

just type "move userdata ssd" in google and find some advices.

You can also create symlinks or junction point but i don't know if it's recommended for those folders. To create them easily i use Junction Link Magic (freeware)

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