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Updating Windows Blue officially be called Windows 8.1


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Updating Windows Blue officially be called Windows 8.1


Over the past few weeks, we have learned enough about Windows Blue. And in the leaked build update was seen quite a few new features.

And yesterday was leaked screenshots build Windows Blue Build 9375, on one of which could be seen that the number of operating systems has changed from 8 to 8.1

And in addition to that, today, from reputable sources, it became known that the official name of the update will be Windows 8.1.

Some features of the assembly:

- Has been improved FileManager.

- There are some new options.

- Added tile settings PC.

- Improved overall stability.

- Improved Windows To Go.

- The system is called Windows 8.1.


Also leaked another new screenshot that shows the attachment preview.

And, you can see the screenshot of the x64 edition.

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So far i have seen from this new called blue or 8.1 is nothing new improvements for desktop users so far they are focused for tablet users i have seen lots of iimprovements for new metro start menu but nothing new outside metro.

I wouldn't be suprised if Windows 9 ships only with Metro without desktop and windows explorer!

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