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Modern UI-application from the Windows Blue for Windows 8


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Sources: http://microsoftportal.net/windows-blue/2003-modern-ui-prilozheniya-iz-windows-blue-dlya-windows-8.html

In the leaked build Windows Blue has introduced several new standard Modern UI-applications: Alarms, Calculator, Sound Recorder and Movie Moments.

Craftsmen from the Chinese resource PCBeta could move applications Alarms and Calculator for Windows 8 Pro.

If you have not Blue, but want to have these applications, follow the instructions below:
1. Download this archive:
winblue_apps.zip [2.19 Mb]

2. Extract the files into a folder, for example: Blue Apps folder on the desktop

3. Start the Chinese utility WindowsModernAppsCleaner . In the folder where the files are stored will be a new folder AppxTool with three files.


4. Run the "Local Group Policy Editor" (Press Win + R, type gpedit.msc)

5. Go to the thread: Computer Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ Components Windows \ Deploying Applications and enable Allow installation of all trusted applications (In the context menu option to click "Edit" in the window that appears, select "Enabled", apply the changes)


6. In Chinese utility (if you closed WindowsModernAppsCleaner Then restart it), click the button 1 and get / update the developer license Windows.


7.1 It is necessary to import the certificate. To do this, press Win + R and type mmc / a . You see the "Console Root". Click "File \ Add or Remove Snap-in." In the resulting window, select "Certificates" and click "Add." In the new window, select "Computer Account", then "Local Computer" and you're done and OK.


7.2 In the "Console Root" to go to the branch "Certificates (Local Computer) \ Trusted Root Certification Authorities \ Certificates" in the context menu, click "All Tasks \ Import." You see the "Certificate Import Wizard", click Next, find the file-certificate Hadesy_pcbeta.pfx (Previously exposed to search all files), click Next, write any password, for example: pcbeta. Import Certificate, be sure to save the console to a file (any)!


8. In Chinese utility, press 2 and find the files ala.appx cal.appx, and add them to the queue. The two pop-up windows click OK. Done.



PS Remember that this is pre-release applications. In applications, there is a problem with the coding, the decision will be offered after the release of "Russian LP from PainteR for Windows Blue".

In English http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/43951-Port-WinBlue-Apps-Alarm-amp-Cal-to-Win8Pro

This was posted in PCBeta about migrating the 2 new WinBlue apps Alarm & Calculator to Win8Pro, in my case it was ported to x64, so it works for both architectures.


1. Download the package from :


extract to a folder, in my case is "new folder" in "My Documents"; launch win..cleaner, it will install a appx folder with the hadesy.pfx that would provide the needed cert.


2. I don't know if it is required, but it does no harm to do this step, you might need it if you wish to play around more on apps migrations:

2A - run "gpedit.msc", and enable "Allow all trusted apps to install".


2B - in the Chinese tool shown below, click "1" to launch the MS developer license request, enter your MS a/c and get a 1 month valid license, it is renewable.

3. OK, firstly you need to import the cert., follow the instructions from here:


it is based on XP but is explicit, the steps are basically the same, notice the entries in the import wizard (but you don't need to "show the password" like what I did.)



And It's done:


4. OK, in the Chinese tool, click "2" to install, first the "alarm" apps, choose it from the browse windows to open ("3"); then the calculator.....


5. It's done! biggrin.png


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