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LimeWire bad news


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"Supposively it is already beginning, what everyone feared. The rumor has it that Limewire has already began to enforce their copyright-protection schemes, and if you go download latest version from Limewire.com, you should notice that it won't work the way the old clients used to.

What I know for certain, is that Limewire is forcing everyone to 'electronically sign' before the download, and that if you install an older Limewire 4.9 client, one w/out the new technology, it won't install. By this, I mean that it will not download the Java, therefore, erroring out.

Well, there is no way in hell I want to see the good version of Limewire be pushed to the wayside and forgotten about, so I took it upon myself to share these on two P2P networks; Gnutella and eDonkey. "

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What would really screw everyone, is if they released the new DRM version as "Limewire 5". Everyone would rush to download it then. :|

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Aww man.. we are all screwed... LimeWire is working for me..

Guess Im not getting any updates.

one word guys...... frost wire..........

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