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Anonymous leaks Government Accounts and Passwords


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@AnonymousOpsIRC on Twitter today posted a leak of a huge amount of E-mails and its passwords. Here's some parts of the anonpaste made.

“Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?” --Anonymous afternoon class, today we will be learning about the "watering hole attack". this is most definitely not to be confused with Chinese water torture OR Swedish water sports. don't worry though, our Supreme Security Leader @AnonymousOwn3r will be teaching us about the latter another day, so stay tuned for that as we are sure it will be a golden shower of knowledge. ok, we will quote Symantec's definition of what a watering hole attack comprises, because according to MacAfee we should no long exist, lulz. "A watering hole attack is a method of targeting sites which are likely to be visited by targets of interest." so let's say you were interested in harvesting information relating to government accounts, it might make sense to gain access to a site that would have a lot of government subscribers right? subscribers like these?


(pay special attention to that last password, it is almost over 9000, twice, this is a good omen) luckily there is a Californian website that not only has the kind of subscribers we were interested in, but also, and this is the kicker, stores their information in plain text! nice going totalcapitol.com, you have kept us very amused! we just adore the DoJ by the way, and they just can't take their beady little eyes off of us either. oh no you can't! while we are talking about California, Sultana High School in Hesperia County is not letting female students wear tuxedos to prom. this is an outrage both because it violates these girls' right to freely express themselves and because lesbians in tuxedos are precisely the kind of people we would love to have at any party we were at. read more here: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/03/19/california-high-school-bans-girls-from-wearing-tuxes-to-prom/ anyway, in closing, while we have a soft spot for the DoJ they really have a hard on for us and ours: Free Weev, Free Hammond, Barrett Brown and all other imprisoned outlaws of this digital age! don't forget to always reuse your passwords (which should preferable be the word "password") on every site. also, as always, cocks. tumescent cocks.


oh hai TEKsystems and BofA: “Internet Kill Switch”, "Brothel creeper", "Satisfiability", "Lolcat", "Lulz" We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us


The Paste: http://www.anonpaste.me/anonpaste2/index.php?320acf206e0680b5#CTo+wyRpwB/UM8xkjjfHbPknAPjk+NglTnoKnvfgTJw=

The Tweet: https://twitter.com/AnonymousOpsIRC/status/314551054622658560

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Talk about sticking your face in the bee hive !

I bow to Anon and pray i don't end up on their bad side lol

This is amusing i like hackers and i don't like the American Govt.

I just wish they would do more battles for all the people being raped by Copyright Cartels

they are just as bad if not worse than the US govt i figure.

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