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Problem with network icon on taskbar


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Hi, guys! Wazup? I've upgraded bluetooth drivers and network icon on taskbar is not working (always shows as I've got my connection unplugged). I've this problem before but I don't remember how did I fix it. Would you help me? Thanks in advance :)

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Restore your driver back and don't more change it. The drivers exchange is not like laundry exchange. That if want, then will exchange.

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You are not alone with this problem, sanjoa. I'm having this problem since long but can't solve it with updated drivers yet. Haven't tried going back to previous version of driver though.

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Try this

1.) Shut dowm your PC.
2.) Unplug the power cord.
3.) If you have a laptop, remove the battery as well.
4.) Walk away from the problem for at least 30 minutes.
5.) When you return, reconnect battery and power cord.
5.) Start as usual.

OR This

1. Power down the computer
2. Start the computer in BIOS
3. Reset BIOS to defaults
4. Power down the computer
5. Unplug the power cable
6. Press and hold the power button (with the cable disconnected) for about 10 seconds
7. Replug the power cable
8. Power on the computer

OR This :

May Be Caused By duplex mismatch between the internet router and the 570x controller. The default setting on the controller is set to Auto but for some reason this causes the network cable not to be detected, after changing the setting to a specific speed and duplex like lets say 100 full duplex the cable was detected and the controller started working. If your are having this issue try playing around with the duplex settings on the controller.

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