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The best audio quality for iTunes


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So, I like to get the best audio quality for iTunes, but I don't want to lose bass, how these drivers affects to audio quality and are those required at all?

  • NVIDIA HD Audio - driver ( Does this affect how music plays in iTunes? )
  • VIA HD Audio Deck - driver ( Sample rate: 48k / Bit Depth: 24bit - if I play 320kbps songs in iTunes are these correct? And how bass filter affects to music quality? )

If I don't install non of those above does it affect my audio quality somehow? And when I checked my audio settings via Control Panel it showed Sterero and 5.1, I have only headphones so Stereo is correct one.

If I only use iTunes equalizer is it good enough? Since I don't play games at all is it NVIDIA HD Audio necessary at all or VIA HD Audio?

PS: In iTunes I always use Loudness equalizer setting.

PPS: Is it wrong to play 320kbps / 44,1khz song in 48khz?

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Your guess is as good as mine on that.... since all the vid cards have the HD ports n shit too now... I have no idea if it affects anything or not

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After some Google searching I came to know that NVIDIA HD Audio driver is needed only for audio transmit via HDMI cable, so you get sound and video run through one cable, so looks like NVIDIA HD Audio driver has no actual effect for audio quality.

But what comes for VIA HD Adio Deck, that's a mystery.

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