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Google shows off a prescription version of Google Glass


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Google Glass—for people who actually need glasses—may also debut this year.


Google Glass team member Greg Priest-Dorman wears prescription Google Glasses.

Many people have been asking Google's Project Glass team if Google Glass will be suitable for those who actually need glasses to see better. Today, Google showed off a prototype of a prescription version of the glasses, which the company said will be available to the public "later this year."

SlashGear pointed out that Google had already confirmed last year that Google Glass could technically be accommodated to fit prescription frames and lenses. There have also been rumors that Google would partner with eyeglass makers to adapt the Android-based contraption to a real pair of glasses, but no specific plans had been released.

The Project Glass team confirmed its plans for prescription glasses on Google+ today. Google also showed off a picture of Greg Priest-Dorman, "a member of the Glass team and an early pioneer in wearable computing," wearing a prototype pair.

"The Glass design is modular, so you will be able to add frames and lenses that match your prescription," Google said. "We’re still perfecting the design for prescription frames. Although the frames won’t be ready for the Explorer Edition’s release, hang in there—you can expect to see them later this year."

The Explorer Edition is a pre-release version that's being distributed in limited quantities. Google has said its augmented reality glasses will go on sale to the public by the end of this year for less than $1,500. Given the timing mentioned in the Google+ post, a prescription version could be ready for the commercial launch or shortly after.

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