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FoxyTunes :

· Multiplatform - works on MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

· Supports many popular media players, will support more players in future versions

· Also supports the Mozilla Suite and Mozilla Thunderbird.

· Position anywhere in the browser - on the status bar or on one of the toolbars

· Volume controls

· Seek Slider

· Configurable keyboard shortcuts

· Currently playing track information

· Customizable and collapsible

· Auto-hide

· Skinnable and localizable.

· Automatically launch your player when needed

· Pop up and hide the player window with a click

· Correctly shows track information encoded in any language, supports Unicode

· Alarm Clock and Sleep Timer

· No third-party controller applications and plugins - everything is done efficiently by the FoxyTunes extension


Fasterfox - Performance and network tweaks for Firefox. Fasterfox allows you to tweak many network and rendering settings such as simultaneous connections, pipelining, cache, DNS cache, and initial paint delay.

Dynamic speed increases can be obtained with the unique prefetching mechanism, which recycles idle bandwidth by silently loading and caching all of the links on the page you are browsing. A popup blocker for popups initiated by Flash plug-ins is also included.



FireTune for Mozilla Firefox was developed for an easy and fast optimization of your browsing experience with Firefox. It is based on a collection of optimization settings collected and tested by Tweakfactor.

Usually you have to optimize Firefox manually, which can be time consuming and difficult for the novice user. FireTune helps you here - it includes all the performance optimizations. The only thing you must do is: make your selection. FireTune does the work for you.


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How to tell whether Firefox is faster after optimizing it :

· Clear the cache of Firefox from the Firefox settings dialog - this is very important!

· Before you optimize Firefox, navigate to http://www.numion.com/stopwatch/ and do a speed test on http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/

· The time needed to load the site completely will be displayed to you in the browser window. Write down the time

· Clear the cache of Firefox from the Firefox settings dialog again - this is very important!

· Now, close Firefox, and optimize it with FireTune

· Start Firefox again, and repeat the speed test on http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/

· Compare the displayed result with the result from the test before the optimization

We can use the website to Compare Speeds of Opera.... FireFox and IE.....

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I got some 3.9 odd secs for the website ( hxxp://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/)

but an astounding 2 secs with IE and on repeated attempts it just reduced to 0.5 secs

PLz post your results

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