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Change icons in Windows 8


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Change icons in Windows 8


Today I want to talk about how to change the icons interface. Of course, I do it, we'll be using a special tool known developer of add-ons - the company Stardock. And it's called IconPackager.



IconPackager is the main feature of the modification of various groups of icons ranging from standard desktop items and finishing labels Control Panel.

In addition, the user has a right to customize the look of the icons, changing their opacity, saturation, and adjust the color. There is even a separate change icons, though for this purpose it is necessary to install IconDeveloper.



Sufficiently important advantage is the availability of IconPackager download additional packages of icons, as well as self-editing of their size. As well as additional features the application offers a diverse set of cursors.

The program is commercial and has an English interface. I'm in this review for convenience I will use Russified version of this product. As you can see from the screenshots above are located, IconDeveloper is quite user-friendly interface. The main menu has three main sections, each of which is divided into several categories.



I propose to consider the most interesting part - "Making". It includes topics preview function, a color change, as well as sets of "live" folder. Topic has a complete set of graphical elements executed in batch mode.

When changing themes will replace all system icons on the desktop, type mapping extensions icons hard drive and connected devices, change the appearance of folders and multiple labels Control Panel.

The default home screen live tiles Windows 8, as well as all the items on the "All Applications" will not change. But if you've changed the tiles with other programs, such as application OblyTile, they quite possibly will be replaced by an unknown type icon «Run».




To change a specific icon, you can use the tools in the section "Icons and Cursors". This section will be available for nine different categories - Drives, Control Panel, Files, Quick Launch, Cursors, Run (for Windows 7), etc. In addition to changing icons, features Partition supports copying and export icon images, sorting, viewing properties, restore the default view.

It should be mentioned that the default set of icons IconPackager quite poor. To recharge set to go to the "Design", choose "Themes" and click the "Add subject."

In addition, the program will prompt you to install new packages from a CD or go to a special website where they can find your preference and download for free. IconPackager extension packages. IP and installed as well as a normal application.

If the package is packed in zip-archive, it must be installed from the program interface.

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