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AIMP v3.50 Build 1236 Beta 2


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List of changes:
* Audioconverter: Recording Tag in WMA / WavPack is now done with the engine AIMP
* Audioconverter: Now the tags are written to only general information at the confluence of the tracks in a single file
* Player: Reduced response time window mode toolbar desktop when you drag files to it
* Player: Download speed playlists increased by 25%
* Skin Engine: Improved compatibility with old skins
* Skin Engine: Improved rendering speed by caching the background elements
- Fixed: The installer does not create shortcuts for Windows 8
- Fixed: The installer - update mode is different from the regime of a clean installation
- Fixed: Scheduler - status of the option to "turn off computer" is not remembered
- Fixed: Player - not working to add more folders from the command line, if the folder names are no spaces
- Fixed: Player - Turning a page with plug ins rewound to the beginning
- Fixed: Tag Editor sew two copies of the album art in the files in FLAC format
- Fixed: Skin engine - in some cases, no information is updated in the QFI
- Fixed: Skin engine - a maximized window is reduced after the restart AIMP
- Fixed: Manage playlists - Preview does not work for a few selected playlists
- Fixed: Audio Library - all added to the audio converter pack, regardless of how many tracks have been sent
- Fixed: Minor errors and omissions
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