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Full Uninstall


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Tried to activate it with the key, but it now asks for a registration name also. Normally sent in the email with the key.

Any help would be appreciated.

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well, that sucks...sorry but there's little we can do to help as only a serial's been made available

the name was not included :think:

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I think he is talking about full uninstall


Download here http://localhostr.com/kelGGRbxgK6g

uninstall all previous versions
install using given 'full-uninstall-setup.exe'
(SHA-1: d147a0e12fa4000a31ecf666187f5aed9ae37885)

NOTE: Key is version and setup sensitive,
Must use the provided installer for the key to work

enter key as shown



run again, this time it prompts to renew license for free update for 1 year
(NOTE: It never says licence is invalid)
now check 'never show this crap' and hit close

verify the license

mainwindow: otherfunctions>about



you may also tryhttp://www.nsanedown.com/?request=164900439 It is not working for measking for registration name as mentioned by Jimsanemay be, it works in case of fresh installation  or may be the vendor have blacklisted the key
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Hi folks,

Got the install and serial from here, where else? :D .

@ rahulgi, thanks, will give it a try later and post back.

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Listing updated. Now no more asking for name.


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rahulgi, could'nt download, dunno if it was me or not. :s

anuraag, updated listing works a treat. Many thanks.

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