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Samsung Magician Software v 4.0


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I have a Samsung SSD 830 series and I installed Samsung Magician Software v 4.0 on Windows 8 Pro x64. What bothers me a lot is that every boot/restart of the pc, the UAC popup window appears (that is normal) asking for permission to let Samsung Magician make changes to the computer. That is VERY FRUSTRATING. (I don't want to change settings or disable UAC)

I tried to do what I've successfully done with other software - create a Task with Task Scheduler to run at log on, with highest privileges, me as admin.
Then created a shortcut linked to that task (schtasks /run /tn "name of task" ) to bypass UAC popup.
It works with other softs, but not Samsung Magician. I get this error when I try to run the task or launch it via the shortcut:

"Initialization of logger module failed. Cannot start the application"

Can Anyone Please help with this issue?

Thanks a lot

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Purple Trail

You could simply remove it from launching at startup. There is no need to be running in the background.

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The software itself placed a shortcut to Startup folder during install . As so I let it there, but it was frustrating me every reboot with UAC popup. If it is not necessary to run the soft in the background, Samsung is totally crazy to place a shortcut to Startup folder during Magician install.

Still wondering why the method to bypass UAC popup, explained in the first post, works for other software but not for Samsung magician ?

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