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Rumor: Microsoft accounts to allow for multiple alias signups soon?


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A new rumor claims that Microsoft will soon allow Microsoft account users to log in with up to 10 different aliases, and one of them can be set up as the primary alias.

In July, Microsoft launched the first preview version of Outlook.com, its new web email service, which requires signing up with a Microsoft account. At the same time, Microsoft also let users rename their account. In theory, all of the people that choose this option were supposed to retain all of the content they had access to under the account's old name. The older account was supposed to become an "alias" of the new Microsoft account name but users couldn't actually log into the account with that alias when the name changed.

Unfortunately, a few Microsoft account holders later reported they were unable to access their older emails, SkyDrive files, and other content when they changed their account name. It got bad enough that Microsoft decided to disable the account renaming feature in December while the company worked on a solution.

Now Liveside.net is reporting, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft is preparing to offer up a new way for users to access their content. The solution is to let account users set up to 10 different aliases, all of which can be used to sign into the account. One of the aliases can be set up by the account owner to be the primary alias.

The report also claims that this change should eliminate the current requirement for Windows Phone owners to reset their device when they rename their Microsoft account. There's no word yet on when this new alias system might go into effect, and the report claims that Microsoft won't make the change until they are sure that everything works as designed.

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