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Zopfli - Google's Compression Algorithm


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Google is open-sourcing a new general purpose data compression library called Zopfli that can be used to speed up Web downloads.

The Zopfli Compression Algorithm, which got its name from a Swiss bread recipe, is an implementation of the Deflate compression algorithm that creates a smaller output size compared to previous techniques, research paper to use Zopfli "for compression of static content and other content where data transfer or storage costs are more significant than the increase in CPU time."

"By open sourcing Zopfli, thus allowing webmasters to better optimize the size of frequently accessed static content, we hope to make the Internet a bit faster for all of us," Vandevenne said.

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doesn't sound like its worth it.. the cost is too high lol

i had an idea for a new program today and i was trying to decide what compression system to use.

i was think of Zlib or maybe the custom zip class i made from open source codeproject src (same codebase as Valve uses in HL1/Source engine)

Zlib is a pain in the butt to use and its a huge library though so i chose the Zip lib for speed and simplicity and i already have it setup and learned etc

interesting story

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