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Dropbox users report spam emails after last year's data breach


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The file sharing site's support forum has dozens of complaints of email spam. Dropbox, which suffered a data breach last year, doesn't believe it has suffered a fresh hack.

Dropbox users are reporting spam emails for dedicated email accounts associated with the cloud storage service, in what appears to be leftover problems from last year's data breach.

But the cloud storage company has not seen anything to believe that this may be a new problem or a fresh data breach. The firm said in a public posting that it "remains vigilant given the recent wave of security incidents at other tech companies."

One user explained the problem in a nutshell:

I have an internal to my company email address that I used for Dropbox only and I am getting the same fake Paypal scam emails. This has been happening since about Monday.

There was concern among forum members that following the hack of Zendesk, Dropbox users may have been at risk. "If Dropbox was affected, they should have already announced this like Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest did," said another user.

Last July, Dropbox suffered a data breach after it investigated suspicious incidents on its network. After bringing in outside experts to assist with the probe, the company found that usernames and passwords were stolen and some accounts were accessed. This was exacerbated by the successful intrusion of a Dropbox employee's account containing a project document with user email addresses.

The filel storage company then bolstered its accounts with two-factor authentication as well as automated back-end services to weed out suspicious activity.

Dropbox is not only used by small-medium sized businesses but also caters for enterprise clients. Dropbox for Teams added to the company's freemium model by offering generous storage and a back-end dashboard to administrate Dropbox accounts, such as adding and deleting users.

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