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Sony to release Firefox OS mobile in 2014


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Sony is set to join LG, Huawei, ZTE and Alcatel with the launch of a smartphone running Mozilla's Firefox OS in partnership with carrier Telefonica. The device is set for a 2014 release.

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After the news that both LG and Huawei are set to launch smartphones with Mozilla's Firefox OS along with ZTE and Alcatel, Japanese manufacturer Sony has announced that it will also be launching a Firefox OS device, committing to a launch in 2014. This makes Sony the fifth phone maker to commit to Mozilla's OS.

In a statement at Mobile World Congress, Bob Ishida--head of Sony Mobile Communications' Products Business Group--says that the company is working with Firefox OS and HTML5, as well as operator partners including Telefonica with an aim to release a device or devices sometime in 2014.

Mozilla's Firefox OS is an open platform built entirely using HTML and other open Web standards. Mozilla says Firefox OS is free from the rules and restrictions of existing proprietary platforms, offers a level playing field against other operating systems and marketplace providers and has a greater participation in the value chain.

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Watched a video on lockergnome's channel in YouTube about an introduction of the ZTE Firefox OS phone. Was quite cool, must say. :) Made me think of having one in the future... :think: Interesting OS. :) The concept of HTML 5 and javascript technologies used in apps is interesting. :) (like web pages, I guess...)

EDIT: Plus it's awesome to have entry level phones like these on the market. Makes smartphones more affordable for the masses. :) (though Android phones do the job just fine too...)

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