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Chrome 25 released with new voice recognition app support


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Google has released Chrome 25, the latest version of its popular web browser, which now includes support for the Web Speech API that allows web apps to include voice recognition features.

Google's latest stable Chrome web browser release, Chrome 25, is now available for immediate download via its automatic updater. Chrome 25 adds some new features, with the biggest being the new support for the Web Speech API that allows web apps to include some voice recognition features.

The official Chrome blog offers a link to a website voice recognition demo for Chrome 25 users to try out for themselves. If they have a microphone, they can go ahead and compose an email from within the web browser with just their voice. The blog post adds:

In addition, today’s release also disables silent extension installs in Chrome for Windows. This keeps Chrome fast and safe by ensuring that you consent to every extension that’s installed on your computer.

The Chrome Releases website has a more detailed change log of what's included in Chrome 25. Besides the new voice features, it has better support for HTML5 time/date inputs and better WebGL error handling. There are also quite a few security improvements made for Chrome 25, including several that were found by outside developers. Three of them were found by Atte Kettunen of OUSPG and Google awarded him for his efforts with a total of $2,000.

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