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Tv-Shows Discussion Thread #1

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As the title suggests, this will be where we'll discuss the tv-series we've just watched, are planning to watch and everything else tv-show'ish related, be it tv dramas or anime or w/e.

This will also give me a clue as to what you're currently watching so that I may compare it to my list and add new additions.

So, here's the list of shows I'm currently watching

- Supernatural

- Melin

- Falling skies

- The walking dead

- Grimm

- Arrow

- Once upon a time

- Alphas

- 666 park avenue

- Revolution

- American horror story

waiting on Game of Thrones and Spartacus to start airing.

Will also start watching Fringe, Cotinuum, Entourage and Wizards vs Aliens...hope they won't let me down.

That being said, what tv-shows are you currently watching NF...c'mon, don't be shy, share with the rest :tehe: <- I really need to change the code to tehe

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just saw the latest ep of Merlin...makes me wonder if Arthur will find out Merlin has magic by the end of the season :uhoh:

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Supernatural's awesome, I'm also a big fan of it.

Hope it will last for 10 whole seasons like Jeremy Carver envisioned it :D

And I'll bet we will see Bobby making his return by the end of the season....but till then, MOAR Garth!

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Here is what I saw and am seeing.......

- Breaking Bad
- Game of Thrones
- The Walking Dead
- Falling Skies
- Fringe
- Bates Motel
- American Horror History
- The Bridge
- Two and a Half Men (with charlie sheen only) :)

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I stopped liking supernatural because of the horrible job they did in the sixth and seventh season., but In the eighth season supernatural back to being cool.

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Well i am watching SHERLOCK season 3 and the final episode of it was epic. :showoff:

And also watching -Simpsons season 25 :lol:

-The Mentalist season 6

-Big Bang Theory season 7

-Anger Management

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Hello guys I want to download Mahabharat 1988 episode.

Its an gr8 Indian epic

Can anybody provide me its link or any tv show website where it is available

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My favorites:

- Hustle

- Dexter

- Supergirl

- MacGyver

- South Park

- The Simpsons

- K.C. Undercover

- The Walking Dead

- Fear the Walking Dead


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Give me cop series every time. Nothing matches them in the long run. And of these, I have to admit that the British are the best. As examples,

Floyd's War


George Gently

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Current Favs:



Dc Legends of tomorrow


Chicago Fire & PD




Dark Matter

Agents Of Shield




Big bang theory

Life in pieces


Law & order SVU

the brave

Criminal minds



the goldbergs




family guy



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