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[SOLVE] windows 8 winlogon.exe error


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my parition table is 3 parts

c: system reserved

d: system (windows7 )

e: files (my own files)

i split drive d: (using paragon) to install windows 8 on other parition

so my paritition table should be like these:

c: system reserved

d: system (windows 7)

e: system (windows 8 )

f: files (my own files)

now after installing windows 8 on physical machine not on vm with dual boot together with windows 7

i get ann error "winlogon.exe error" there is no disk in the drive :x

upon shutting down my pc

note : this is not malware!!! this is fresh install


hold windows key + R

in the run dialog box type : control panel

go power option

click choose what the power buttons do

Posted Image

click change settings that are currently unavailble

Posted Image

make sure you uncheck "turn on fast start up (recommended)"

Posted Image

this error is encounter because windows 8 has a new features fast startup which is available only when you are not using duat boot

if ur parition table is

c: system reserved

d: windows 8

e: other

cos windows 8 place a cache file on system reserved to make ur boot time faster

that's why if you have dual boot with other OS then disable this new features

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