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The new version of Anti-Blaxx are released. With the fallowing changes:

-improved SecuRom 7 detection

-improved Anti-SecuRom 7 Blacklist

-Language file: Dutch added (thanks to Domination)

-other bugs from Version 1.15 fixed


Credits to: me :thumbsup: for having been using it for a long time :blink: , and the people who made this great program. ;)

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What is this program?

Description :

With Anti-Blaxx you can go around the Blacklist of different copy protection mechanisms.

The emulation software installed on the computer is hidden. In addition you can insert an image

of your CD/DVD with Anti-Blaxx into the virtual drive assembly, without that the Image unmounted become.

Questions :

1. Can I use Anti-Blaxx for illegal copies?

2. Can I, when I start a Game with Anti-Blaxx, leave the emulation activated?

3. What is the function "Intelligent Stealth"?

1. This program may not provide to by pirat copies to be used!.

2. With the help of this program you can leave activated the emulation software.

3. With this function you can start the Game by CD. Anti-Blaxx worked in the background and start the Anti-Blacklist function.

If you have questions, than visit the Anti-Blaxx Homepage www.mb-lock.ch.vu

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you are totally right

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