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“Tipster” Claims iPhone 5 Has 3D Camera and AirShare Feature


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A person who is allegedly privy of Apple’s next-generation smartphone has been quoted as saying that the device will boast a bigger display, a thinner (but heavier) body, and a 3D camera. The device is also said to incorporate an AirShare feature.

To make one thing clear, the rumor dished around by iTechPost sounds a bit fabricated, but we wouldn’t deny our readers any tidbits, be they somewhat fragile.

This tipster, who allegedly saw a prototype unit with their own eyes, reportedly said that the iPhone 5 will employ a 3D camera. If that is, indeed, the case, iOS 6 would have to include specialized software to render images accordingly.

iOS 6, which Apple plans to ship this fall, will also allegedly equip the iPhone 5 with an "AirShare" feature, which the tipster describes as a lightning-fast file sharing function that will allow transfers with the “flick of fingers.”

More on this person's experience with the purported iPhone 5 handset, from the report in question...:

A tipster, who wished to remain anonymous, told us that a family member of his, who works at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, brought home a device that looked like an iPhone but it was "different" from the iPhones released in the market so far. The tipster handled the device and noted that "on the back it said something like XXGB, and all the serial codes were like X's."

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Most pundits agree that Apple’s iPhone 5 will be released alongside iOS 6 in the September-October timeframe - exactly one year after the debut of the iPhone 4S.

Recent hardware leaks indicate that Apple’s next-generation handset will boast a larger, 4-inch screen, an all-metal chasis with a unibody construction, and a double-coating finish on the back (second image down).

Going by these leaks, other technical departures from the iPhone 4S include larger speaker grills and a redesigned dock connector akin to the micro USB standard.

Apple is reportedly phasing out its longstanding 30-pin connector which will undoubtedly affect the entire iAccessory industry.

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