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How To Protect Your Uploaded Files From Being Deleted During Internet Censorship [TUT]


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(I posted this in another forum post but I thought it would be useful here. I can't recall if I posted it here in the tut's yet but here it is)

How To Protect Your Uploaded Files From Being Deleted During Internet Censorship [TUT]

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It looks more grim every day: news of websites getting taken down and content being deleted from online. Things such as MP3's and videos that have known pieces of information can be easily put into a blacklist during internet censorship. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to AVOID having your music and content targeted and deleted. Hopefully this method will prove to be very helpful to anyone who reads it.

This is sort of an advanced tutorial for some of you but I assure you, once you get the hang of it, you may be using this method more and more, especially if internet censorship blooms in full.

Things you will need:

* HJSplit

* Long Path Tool

* WinRAR x32 or x64

Make sure that you have those 3 programs downloaded and installed (Long Path Tool and HJSplit do not install as they are stand alone applications).

The very next step is for you to find any MP3 that you might have. Now open up HJSplit and tell it to "Split" then click on "Input" to look for your music file (or other file) that you want to split. You can choose to split file by Kbytes or Mbytes. For files larger than 3 MB (megabytes) I suggest using the Mbytes option when splitting your files.

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Make sure that your file has been split into different parts. You will notice that you now have some files ending with .001

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These files can later on be joined together with HJSplit also, so be sure to KEEP HJSplit and even pack it up with the file that you are sharing online (inside the RAR file) to make it easier for others to use the program.

Now you need to make a new folder, name it whatever you want. Place all of the newly created files starting with .001 (and all of the others, whatever number it stops at, include a copy of HJSplit inside as well) into the folder. Now, right click on the folder and choose the "add to archive" option which WinRAR should then open up and allow you to choose where you would like to set the RAR file at.

Once you have created the RAR file, now is the time to open up Long Path Tool. Please make sure that you have registered the program as the _README specified.

Navigate to where the RAR file is and click on it, rename it's last part, for example, it's last 3 digits are a rar. Rename that last part to something else ASIDE from .rar.

Now the file will probably not appear to work right since you have changed the last 3 digits. If you want to make it appear harmless, you can rename the file to "My kitties playing" and have the last 3 digits changed to 3gp.


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Your file will now be seen as though it were a mobile media file!

VLC Player

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"I want to share this file with other people. How do I get it to work AFTER I changed it so much?"

The first thing that will throw off the other person that you are sharing the file with is that the file looks like a media file but it doesn't seem to work!

This next tutorial will explain how to get it to work.

DOWNLOAD THIS for your convenience or go to the following locations for the online tutorials:

For Windows 7

For Windows XP

These methods should help in stealthing your files that you upload so that they will not be deleted in the event of mass internet censorship.


Long Path Tool

WinRAR x32 or x64

*Download Tutorial .docx*

Don't Have Microsoft Office?

Download Kingsoft Office Suite Free

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Dont understand the use of Long Path Tool at all

And the simplest way to protect shared files is to just:

Name them to a non attention grabbing name with a fake extension first and then split them..............

My 5 cents worth

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can you just changes the file name from "Copyrighted Song.mp3" to "Cats Playing.wmv"? then tell the person at the other end to rename it back to a .mp3?

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You could do that as well. LongPath Tool is also really good for assisting you in the removal of hard to delete files also. You could choose to show the extension file (.exe or .mp3 or .avi) and then rename it from there if you want too.

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Have been successful in keeping all my hosted files intact merely by careful renaming (maybe I was lucky):-

  • never had to split files
  • never had to even change file extensions
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you go back to the basics of ripping games setup. you winrar the file and use pars. you then place the winrar file or files each in a zip file and then send each zip file upload.

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