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vipre version not updated in software list


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Manju like you're posted the link to the source,it says in my opinion - it's just what i undrstand that is saying - is the fact that is just a Release Service but not a complete new updated product with new features added.This is written in the source that you gave us:

We have improved the performance of VIPRE and resolved several customer-reported issues in this release. Service Release 2 contains a number of improvements to the firewall and web filter drivers, the VIPRE service, and threat engine. Because it is a service release, no new features were introduced.

I think that you didn't read the whole topic.Soorry if i am wrong.Again I'm sorry for my english but I'm from Romania and i think I need to learn more at this chapter(English)

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hi gikman2011.

i've posted that link to there forums just to state the current version of the product... only did quick search for latest version\changelog on their forums :)

PS: just tested, on a VM, and the medice available in software list and its not working with the newest versios (v5). they must haved changed the registrion process... lifetime license not working <_<

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