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Webroot SecureAnywhere 2012 Database Patch ("Crack")

Micah J Berman

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Micah J Berman

Note that i didn't make any of the following files therefore i am not the one who "cracked" or edited the software. This tutorial isn't meant for copyright infringement, actually it's meant to determine how Webroot SecureAnywhere preforms if indeed it is cracked. We use a fake serial and I ask anyone who uses this for piracy to PLEASE purchase the real version as it's an extremely good antivirus and i enjoy owning it as it's a million time better performance wise.

This is actually a database patch although it could also be considered a crack since it's an edited database file. This doesn't have any effect on the antivirus at all, i've tested it on everything from trojans to worms to the all-so misjudged keygen (a.k.a. generic trojan). It works just fine and is PC magazine's favorite antivirus of 2012 (http://www.pcmag.com...,2372364,00.asp)

Download it from the attachment below.

Step 1.

Download the Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus Trial. Use the serial 7D8D73B4-35E3-4757-AA7A-500947D0F14B to install it, and also note that webroot may in fact blacklist it before the installation (if they were smart they'd already have done it, i'm surprised they haven't) so if they do please do not ask me for another one as i am not the person that created the edited file or the serial number.

Print out this entire tutorial for further reference as you will need to boot in safe mode (when the computer boots the usual method is to press f8 during the bios screen).

Download the attached database file and save it before booting in safe mode. As soon as you do please print this and boot into safe mode (this should be without the networking available).

Step 2.

Now that you're in the safe mode (again, note that this MUST be without the networking available), open webroot and do the following.

Go to settings > self protection. Uncheck 'enable self response cloaking' and set the self protection to minimum. Click Save All.

After that go to 'Access Control' uncheck all the captcha settings and i recommend you add a password to go along with it. Click Save All.

Step 3.

Shut down webroot via the tray icon.

Go to your task manager and ensure that WRSA.exe (there may be two of them) is no longer a running process. If it is still running end the process (it will say access denied however webroot recognizes you want to close it, therefore it will ask you if you truly want to close webroot.

In windows explorer navigate to 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\WRData'

Take the dbg.db file and COPY it into the folder (replacing the other dbg.db file) if windows is being stubborn and you don't have the access to the file please visit this tutorial (if you're not in safemode, if you are then i apologize for the inconvenience) http://www.blogsdna....n-windows-7.htm

Step 4.

Open Webroot once again to ensure that it's in working form, go to your settings and make sure they're the same as they were when you edited them previously (as webroot tends to change).

Disable automatic updates via basic configuration.


Step 5.

In Webroot, ensure everything is updated (this may mean having to apply the patch again, sorry but if you seek to pirate this software you're gonna have to live with the consequences).

Now block webroot with your current firewall (i suggest comodo firewall as it is both free and extremely secure). Block this file from the internet 'C:\Program Files\Webroot\WRSA.exe'.

Now you've completed the patch!

Site: http://www.datafilehost.com

Sharecode: /download-cccc8e49.html [?]

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Micah J Berman

well, it's both that's why it's so good. When you scan offline you have to have scanned and updated everything. So either risk the patch being removed because the device can auto-reconfigure via internet or you can scan offline with the only risk being outdated databases. In which case you enable the internet for a few mins and if necessary re-apply the patch.

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